Sell with us!

ReLuxe Consignment is a virtual and physical sustainable luxury consignment shop and marketplace. List your item with us, and we list it to our other sales platforms as well! When it sells, we send you the shipping label and you ship it out. No more sharing your Poshmark closet, no more haggling with buyers. We do the work for you! 


ReLuxe Sell With Us

Our Virtual Consignment services:
1) You list your item for sale on reluxe at the lowest price you'd want to sell your item at. We crosslist to our accounts on whatever appropriate sales platforms the item can be listed on. 
2) We increase the price on the other sites to accomodate for their fees.
3) If it sells on our marketplace, we take a 10% selling fee.
4) If it sells on any other platform, we take 10% after the selling fees of the other platform. 
Sell with confidence

    We only offer 100% authentic products on our website. All buyers are verified via government ID before purchase, reducing the risk of chargebacks and fraud. We care about who is buying just as much as who is selling.

    Shipping Made Easy
      We email you a shipping label when your item sells. You box it up and drop it off!

      Lowest Fees around

        We're new, we get it. While we would love to offer completely free selling fees, please understand that it costs money to run a business like this. We would like to upgrade the website, and still offer top notch customer service to our sellers and buyers. For these reasons we charge a low low flat sale rate of just 10% on each sale. Payments are released to seller 7 days after the receipt of the item via Paypal or direct deposit. 
         Louis Vuitton Walking ReLuxe Luxury Consignment
        100% Authentic
          Counterfeit goods are not only bad for large designer companies, they are morally just wrong. Illegal goods are made in Illegal conditions, and therefore can often be traced back to child labor or even human trafficking. Anyone posting fake goods intentionally or unintentionally will be asked to no longer sell with us. So we ask that items of unknown origin are all authenticated prior to listing. Our listings take a little longer to be approved because we manually review each one to check for typos, verify authenticity, and make sure your listings are getting the best SEO possible. If you are unsure of the origin of your item you can request we authenticate it prior to listing. 
          Easily Bulk Upload Inventory
            You can easily bulk upload your own items using our CSV bulk uploader option, or sync our platform to your own Shopify store. Additionally you can manually upload your listings to ensure an easy and seamless listing process!


            If you would like us to photograph, list and store your items please check out our VIP Consignment Services here. 

            Some tips to get started selling:


            1. Take clean, beautiful photos of your items from every angle.

            2. Document any wear or damage clearly.

            3. If you're not sure of the authenticity, please don't post the item. Counterfeit items will be removed and ReLuxe reserves the right to ask you to no longer sell with us.

            4. Please list your item for the lowest price possible you will take on our platform, plus an additional 10%. We adjust pricing to adjust for market price and selling fees. If your item is worth significantly more we will list it for the appropriate amount and still take just 10% after seller fees.   

            5. All listed items must be at least $200. This is the minimum price on the platform. Submitted listings below this price point will be deleted.

            6. Please price your items at the bottom line price you want... we are one point pricing, so no need to mark up to mark down! Let's both make a sale by offering the lowest price we can.

            7. Occasionally, your ReLuxe item pricing may fluctuate on our platform but we will only ever raise your pricing and never go lower than your original listed price. We are a one point pricing company, though we do give our customers the option to make an offer through ReLuxe via email. If we feel the offer is fair we will reach out to you for your approval before selling any items. 

            8. Payments are transferred via bank account or Paypal less a 10% sellers fee up to (but usually less than) 7 days after the customer's satisfactory receipt of the item. 

            9. As a rule of thumb all purchases on ReLuxe are final sale unless misrepresented or of questionable authenticity. In the event of a return outside of these parameters, sellers are able to specify in their listing if they are willing to accept  returns or not. In the event of a disagreement between buyer and seller, ReLuxe. will step in on behalf of the seller and mediate. We trust our sellers. Please make sure that you have taken proper care in protecting yourself as well as ReLuxe. from potentially undeserved returns by taking clear photos or video prior to shipping, preferably with the shipping label in the picture.

            If your item is listed on other selling platforms, please use unique text to help get both of us the best visibility by making sure all of the text on our website is different than any of your other listings! adding in a few more adjectives helps our growing platform more than you know.

             Chanel Purse

            The following three items are not required, but will make your listing approval process go by much quicker:

             Under tagging: If your brand shows up, please tag your item with the brand. If your brand is not entered yet, we will do it for you. 

            Please select the option to have Shopify track your inventory, and enter the quantity of the Item (usually 1, but however many you have.)  AND, If your item has a size: 

             Under Variant, please select size and your items size.





            Order our free branded packaging here!

            A quick note:

            * Product approval is less than 24 hours, usually much sooner. ReLuxe will not work without sellers, so if you're joining us before launch thank you so so much for being a part of the platform built for resellers, by resellers.  *Please make sure to check your junk email if you haven't received any confirmation or verification emails

            ReLuxe. is a platform aimed at creating mutually beneficial resale transactions for both the buyer and seller. Each one of our listings are approved by a real person to ensure authenticity and the best SEO available for your listings. Our website may have some quirks, and we don't have an app yet, but with a little patience and help from our sellers we hope in time this will become your main selling platform! Please be patient as we are still very new and getting everything streamlined. Ready to be on board with us from the very beginning? 

            Also, Your seller account is different from a buyer account. In order to list you'll want to make sure you're logged into to the seller portal, you can access it on our app menu or below.