How Does ReLuxe Work?

Reluxe Luxury Consignment is a virtual and physical consignment shop. You list your items with us, and we do our best in the background to sell your stuff. This includes driving traffic to your listings on our own platform through social media and blogging, but additionally listing to other platforms as well under our name! When the item sells, we e-mail you the label and you ship it out. 

Additionally we offer VIP concierge services for sellers with luxury products. You can send us your items, we photograph & list your items and store them. All you have to do is sit back and collect a direct deposit! Because this is a new service we are accepting customers on a case by case basis. Our price for this service is 20% after platform fee, and the seller (you) pays for insured shipping to and from our address. Please e-mail: to sign up for our VIP service if you think this might be the right consignment service for you!

Commonly asked Questions: 

What brands do you accept?:

We currently do not have an official brands list, however the minimum sales price is $20 on our platform. The reason there is a set dollar amount is because we charge 10% after the platforms selling fees for our regular consignment service, and 20% for our VIP concierge service. We ask that any items you list with us have a realistic resale value of $20 or more. Additionally we understand that some brands have a sliding scale for resale value. We will potentially have a list in the future but for now we just ask that you use your best judgement!

What platforms will you list my items on?:

We list on various platforms depending on your item and what platform it's most suitable to list on. Almost all clothing items will be listed on Poshmark (where we share our closet at least 3 times a day.) but additionally we may sell on Tradesy, Mercari, Grailed, Depop, and more. Because our staff is a team of resellers we evaluate each item individually and make the decision to crosspost to the platforms we feel are appropriate. 

How do you price my items when you Crosslist and how do you handle offers?

We add the appropriate selling fees (sometimes more depending on market value) to your item to cover the listing fees on the sales platform it's being listed on. We suggest you price your items on our platform 10% higher than the bottom line price you would like to take for your item. If an offer comes through that we as trained resellers feel is in the realm of your asking price, we will contact you to see if you would like to proceed with the sale or cancel. You can adjust your pricing whenever you like in your seller portal, we will review your changes within 24-48 hours and adjust them on the sales platform. 

How long does it take for my listings to be live on other platforms, and will you send me a link to them so I can monitor them?

Our goal at ReLuxe in to get your items sold without the hastle of you having to worry about them. Once you list on our platform your items will be available for sale within 24-48 hours. We aim to have all of our items crosslisted to the appropriate platforms within 3-5 business days after they go live, and we ask that as sellers you do not interfere with your listings online (liking, commenting, testing the offer buttons...) as it can interfere with our analytics and perfecting our consignment service. We reserve the right to post to multiple accounts in an effort to increase visibility. Basically, let us do the work for you!


Do I have to take down my other listings?

Nope! Feel free to leave them up. We just ask that you change the title and cover photo when you list with us, and make sure to update your inventory if something sells. That way we're not competing with your other listings!

Do I need Shopify to sell with you?

Nope, but it makes life easier. If you have Shopify you can instantly upload your inventory to our platform in just a couple of clicks! But you can also upload by CSV or our manual uploader for convenience. 

Can I use ListPerfectly to crosspost to ReLuxe?  

You can use crossposting service ListPerfectly to easily upload all of your items to a Shopify storefront, then sync the account with our marketplace! If you need assistance doing this please reach out to us at

How should I prepare my packages?

We would love it if you included some of our free branded packaging in your sales so we can grow our business, but if you're unable to we ask that you keep things simple and include either a packing slip and white tissue paper or nothing at all. We keep things simple around here and as a sustainably oriented company we like to reduce waste as much as we can! Please make sure items are secure, and not going to be damaged in transit. We aim to have our seller's back, so please document your items as much as possible before shipment so that in the event of a discrepancy we can have physical evidence of the condition and authenticity of items to present on your behalf. Please use USPS boxes if possible.

How are my items authenticated?

Each item on our website is verified for authenticity via photographs. Please make sure to clearly take photos of serial numbers, Made in tags, and hardware. In the event that an item is of questionable origin, we will contact you to ask for additional pictures or proof of authenticity and may opt to delete the item. Please help keep our platform exclusive and authentic by not posting anything you are not sure about. 

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