10 Things You Didn't Know About Chanel

Written By: Lauren @xoxosocialgal

You know the name. You know the logo. But did you know these 10 fun facts about this iconic luxury brand?

  1. The 2.55 quilted rectangle bag was named by Coco Chanel herself after the date of it’s creation-February 1955.  One of the reasons for the creation, specifically the gold shoulder strap, was to “free women’s hands.” Is there a more iconic Chanel bag? We don’t think so.
  2. The PREMIERE watch was inspired by the Chanel No 5 perfume bottle cap. While the shape came from Place Vendome in Paris which is cut much like a precious stone. This watch style is still around and quite popular today.
  3. Chanel pioneered the women’s suit. Mostly using tweed and boasting multiple pieces, the suit became a staple of the Chanel line. The suit rose to even more popularity when Jackie Kennedy wore one on the day her husband, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated.
  4. Early Chanel clothing designs were made from ‘jersey” which was previously being used only for men’s clothing. The idea behind the change from silks to jersey material was to allow women to be more comfortable in the clothing they lived in. And for that simple comfort, Chanel deserves a big round of applause.
  5. The very first Chanel boutique did not sell the iconic handbags, shoes, or even perfume that Chanel is now known for. The first store opened by Coco in 1910 exclusively sold hats.
  6. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s childhood was behind much of her success. Early in life, she was abandoned by her father following her mother’s death and was then raised in an orphanage. Though the full truth behind her childhood remains a mystery, it is quite apparent that Coco was determined to change the cards dealt to her and went on to do just that.
  7. The little black dress by Chanel appeared in a 1926 Vogue photo. Coco referred to the LBD as “Chanel’s Ford” in reference to the Model T Ford car. Coco wanted it to be accessible to all while also being a practical style staple. We can all give thanks to Chanel for this design invention that we all sport today.
  8. Ever notice the lion symbol in Chanel’s designs? These  symbols on buttons and hardware pay homage to Coco’s star sign, the Leo, and her general love for the animal.
  9. Coco never married which was odd for the times. Though she did have her long list of suitors and lovers. One of the most famous being the Duke of Westminster to whom she turned down a proposal.
  10. Coco’s dream and hard work lives on over 100 years later. The brand is valued at over 5 billion dollars with Karl Lagerfeld now at the helm as creative director. The luxury brand boasts more than 100 boutiques around the world and has hosted many of the who’s who of the celebrity and fashion worlds as their spokespeople, models, and faces of Chanel.

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There are many luxury brands out there but few are as timeless and iconic as Chanel. From the quilted shoulder bag to the creation of the famous two-tone pump, Coco Chanel designed fashion for the modern woman. These designs are still around today because of her and they live on through all of us which continue to embrace, wear and love them.

And don’t forget, “A girl should be two things-classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel