Belts are Back in 2020

Written by: T. Mastrota @broadstyles

I can’t remember the last time I grabbed a belt as an accessory, or even to hold up my pants. However, when I went to dinner with a couple of friends last week, I felt completely out of the loop (no pun intended). I couldn’t help but notice that ALL my friends had a designer belt around their waist. A few were wearing Gucci belts with the double G buckle and others were wearing wide waisted belts to complement their dresses.

I sat there amazed at how their simple Gucci belts made such an impact on their looks. They made a tucked in shirt and a pair of jeans look like a luxurious outfit. I couldn’t wait to get a designer belt for myself!

5 Facts About Gucci Belts You Want to Know:

1) Lyst, the Global fashion search engine, announced that the Gucci belt topped their list of the world’s hottest fashion products for the last quarter of 2019. They revealed that they received over 165,000 online monthly searches between October and December of 2019. (

2) The Gucci Guccissima Belt with Interlocking G is the most iconic belt of ALL TIME. It comes in three style. (

3) The most expensive belt in the world is the Gucci diamond belt worth $250,000. The Gucci Tiger Buckle Web Belt is the most affordable Gucci belt, retailing at $350.

4) Guccio Gucci came up with the iconic horsebit detail after working in The Savoy and admiring the English racing set - almost a century later, it's one of the brand's most recognizable symbols. Made in Italy from supple leather, this belt is detailed with signature gold hardware that can be worn at the front or back. (

5) The serial number on Gucci belts have 21 digits and the series start with either 223 or 114.

There are many ways that belts can improve your style. Accessorizing with a colored belt is also a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit. Wearing a belt with jeans and a tucked in shirt or bodysuit creates a separation line to enhance your look and draw attention to your waist.

Wide belts are especially good for accentuating your waistline. These belts are usually made of elastic, leather, or other fabric with a buckle or lacing up the front. They are worn to cinch the waist and make it look smaller.

So, next time you go shopping for a new outfit (because you know we never have anything to wear) don’t forget to pick up a belt, or two, so that you can make your outfit more versatile. You can use a belt to restyle a plain dress and make it look classy or to add some extra style to your jeans. Either way, you will be turning heads with your luxurious new style.

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