6 Mesmerizing Facts About French Luxury Brand Hermés

 By: Deanna Balestra @Deanna.Online

 World-renowned and family-owned French fashion icon Hermés has been a beacon of luxury-quality exquisite handbags and accessories for over 177 years. But how much do you really know about the makers of the cult-classic Birkin Bag who have delighted everyone from Queens to commoners with their refined products? Here are 6 insightful tidbits to help shed some light on this fashion legacy.


#1. It All Started With Horses In France

In 1837, Thierry Hermés opened a harness shop in Paris that served Nobel Frenchmen and outfitted horse-drawn carriages with harnesses, bridals, saddles, feed bags, among other things. Over the years they evolved to make feed bags and bags for grooming accessories. Eventually, this led to fashion handbags and other accessories.


#2. The Name That Was Meant To Be

While Hermés is a family name, it seemed fated by the stars because it is also the name of a Greek God that carried a messenger bag and wore winged sandals. If you’re going to name a company that makes high-quality bags, you couldn’t ask for a better name.


#3. They Don’t Use The Word Luxury

Photo credit: Hermes clic clac

Insisting that they still use tools and make products the way their grandfather’s grandfather taught them, this family motto doesn’t include the word luxury. They would rather be called refined. Their clear mission, according to previous company head Jean-Louis Dumas (5th generation Hermés), is to make “necessary products with the most beautiful materials on earth.” They don’t rely on trends or celebrity endorsements but would rather let the quality of their work speak for itself.


#4. It’s Still A Family Affair

Photo Credit: Business Insider

Here in 2020, Hermés is on its 6th generation of family ownership with Axel Dumas at the helm as CEO. He was groomed for the job for 10 years by the family. He recalls even as a young boy being at the dinner table and part of family business discussions. The family promotes excellence in education and business acumen outside the family business for anyone that wishes to take part in leadership at Hermés.  


#5. Best Known For Birkin And Kelly

Besides the iconic orange boxes, their lavish products come in, the two most recognizable products are their Kelly and Birkin bags. The Kelly bag as named after Grace Kelly in the 1930s. The Birkin bag was named after Jane Birkin who complained to Jean Louis Dumas in 1983 that her bag never had enough pockets to hold her stuff. The resulting strong and beautiful bag would become a household name where fashion mattered.


#6. Home Of Innovators, Award Winners, And World Record Holders  

You will probably be surprised that a 177-year-old family-owned business was one of the first luxury fashion brands to jump in e-commerce but that’s just what Hermés did in 2001. They’ve always won awards for their branded orange boxes. Recently, a new world record was set when a white crocodile skin Birkin Bag was sold at auction for US$300,000.


It’s no doubt that Hermés is an exclusive brand that keeps bringing the class year after year. Now you know a little more about this fashion house and their coveted products.

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